Le tour de la France par deux enfants, chs. LXI to LXVI – Lyonnais

Previous Location: Auvergne

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See the Pinchon illustrated map for Lyonnais.

Chapter LXI – The boys enter Lyonnais and learn about goat herding in villages outside of Lyon.

Chapter LXII – The boys enter Lyon in the département of Saône. They see the Basilique Notre-Dame de Fourvière and admire the Rhone River, here joined by the Saône River.

Video: La basilique Notre-Dame-de-Fourvière – Région Rhone-Alpes – Le Monument Préféré des Français from Le Pays préféré des Français & Au fil du Rhône from Echappées belles.

Chapter LXIII – The boys discuss the city of Lyon, in particular, its geographical location and its silk industry.

Videos on the silk industry of Lyon: Lyon, ville des tissus et de la soie – Reportage from Visites privées; Lyon, au fil de la soie from France 24; and Lyon : la ville historique de la soie ! from Des Racines et Des Ailes.

Chapter LXIV – The boys sell the goods that they have purchased along the way to Lyon, to great profit.

Videos on Lyon in general: Lyon gourmand & Lyon, la gourmandise en héritage & Lyon from Échappées belles.

Chapter LXV – On their way out of Lyon, the boys learn about Joseph Marie Jacquard & Bernard de Jussieu.

Video: How an 1803 Jacquard Loom Led to Computer Technology from The Henry Ford.

Chapter LXVI – The boys make it at least to Saint-Étienne, their final stop with the merchant for whom they have been working, and their last stop in the Lyonnais.

Video: Saint-Étienne, capitale historique du ruban from Météo à la carte.

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