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Welcome to Nihil sub sole novum.  Here I will share the materials that I find and gather as I homeschool my daughter and catechize the both of us. 

I have many ideas and much planned, but I will begin by sharing lives of saints written for children and available in the public domain alongside primary source material for their more in-depth study. I will include medieval hagiography available in translation, works of art, architecture, and music from any period, devotions, and resources for learning about customs connected to saints’ days. They will begin appearing in Advent 2021. In the meantime, you can browse the saints along with their modern hagiographical resources as they are added to the menu “Saints by Month,” starting with December. The menus – “Saints by Century” and “Saints by Country” are likewise filled in as I work, now full from December until mid-May. I have only just begun to work on “Saints A to Z”; it will keep pace with the entries on saints that appear with their feast days.

The following liturgical year – starting with Advent 2022 – I will shape the material into something more useful for those for whom the raw lists of resources are overwhelming. I will then also start the same process for the Temporale.

I will also, from time to time, post material from other smaller projects that I am working on – transcribing a collection of Swiss legends and fairy tales written in French, creating a curriculum for studying geography through vintage illustrated maps, poetry, and videos.

In the meantime, feel free to consult my Master List of Resources. I have assembled resources – primarily free and/or in the public domain – for select areas of study (French language, German language, Turkish language, Swiss History and Culture, English Grammar). I also love discovering vintage Catholic books on Archive.org. You may find those resources there.

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