Churches of Rome


29 – Saint Saturninus of Rome

Catacomba di Trasone in Rome

Chapel of Saint Saturninus in Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Rome – see also

30 – Saint Andrew

In Rome, you can visit the church of Sant’Andrea della Valle, which is a Baroque structure dedicated to Saint Andrew, and a painted cycle by Mattia Preti wraps around the apse.  It shows the raising of the cross, the Crucifixion, and then the taking down of the cross.  You can take  “virtual tour” here.


2 – Saint Bibiana

Santa Bibiana in Rome: LocationPhotographsStatue of Saint Bibiana by BerniniDescription

3 – Saint Francis Xavier

San Francesco Saverio del Caravita in Rome

5 – Saint Sabas

The church of the monastery of San Saba in Rome was founded in the seventh century by monks from Mar Saba fleeing invaders from the east.  Enjoy this photo album.  You can read more about the church at the excellent Churches of Rome Wiki (now hosted by Fandom).

23 – Saint Servulus

Death of San Servolo by Tommaso Chiari in the nave of San Clemente (this a preparatory sketch, info here and here)

25 – Saint Anastasia

The Church of Sant’Anastasia in Rome

26 – Saint Stephen

The Church of San Stefano Rotondo on the Caelian Hill in Rome dates to the 5th century and is the station for this day of the Christmas stational liturgy. The Church of San Lorenzo fuori le mura in Rome claims his relics.  There is a 13th century fresco cycle in the porch, but they are much restored and inaccessible virtually.

31 – Saint Sylvester

A chapel dedicated to Saint Sylvester in the church of Santi Quattro Coronati in Rome preserves a vividly colored fresco cycle dating to the thirteenth century.  The cycle depicts stories that were fabricated several centuries after his lifetime. Informationphotos, scroll down past photographs from San Clemente to see the photographs from the chapel of Saint Sylvester – video


16 – Saint Marcellus

The church of San Marcello al Corso in Rome – info, photos.

18 – Cathedra Petri

The Cathedra Petri in the Basilica of San Pietro in Vaticano (more here and here).

18 – Saint Prisca

The Church of Santa Prisca in Rome

20 – Saint Sebastian

The church of San Sebastiano fuori le mura in Rome

21 – Saint Agnes

Sant’Agnese fuori le mura, especially its apse mosaic (Photo gallery).

23 – Saint Emerentiana

Coemeterium Maius or Catacombe di Sant’Emerenziana

The Chapel of Saint Emerentiana in the Church of Sant’Agnese fuori le mura

The Chapel of Saint Emerentiana in the Church of Sant’Agnese in Agone

30 – Saint Martina

The Church of Santi Luca e Martina in Rome


5 February – Saint Agatha

Sant’Agata dei Goti in Rome

Sant’Agata in Trastevere, also in Rome

10 February – Saint Soteris

On the place of her burial in Rome


9 – Saint Frances of Rome

Santa Francesca Romana in Rome, on the Roman forum and originally dedicated to Santa Maria Nova – Nolli Map and Photo Gallery.

10 – Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

The Oratory of the Forty Martyrs at the Church of Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome (photos)

12 – Saint Gregory the Great

San Gregorio Magno al Celio in Rome (17C Sculpture)

31 – Saint Balbina

The Church of Santa Balbina in Rome


9 – Saint Mary of Egypt

The Church of Santa Maria Egiziaca in Rome, a temple converted into a church.  Ninth-century frescoes still cover its walls. See also (scroll down). Watch.

17 – Saint Anicetus

Chapel of Saint Anicetus in the Palazzo Altemps

25 – Saint Mark

The Church of San Marco in Rome


3 – The Invention of the True Cross

The church of Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome

6 – Saint John before the Latin Gate

The Church of San Giovanni a Porta Latina in Romephoto gallery

The Chapel of San Giovanni in Oleo in Rome

12 – Saints Nereus and Achilleus

The church of Santi Nereo e Achilleo in Rome

12 – Saint Pancras

The Church of San Pancrazio in Rome

13 – Saint Maria ad Martyres

Santa Maria ad Martyres in Rome

14 – Saint Boniface of Tarsus

Church if Santi Bonifacio ed Alessio in Rome

19 – Saint Pudentiana

The church of Santa Pudenziana in Rome, 11C Fresco of Saint Pudentiana

21 – Saint Constantine

Sala di Constantino in the Vatican


2 – Saints Marcellinus and Peter

The Catacombs of Saints Marcellinus and Peterofficial website, see also, and a painting with Saints Marcellinus and Peter

9 – Saints Primus and Felicianus

The Chapel of Saints Primus and Felicianus in the church of Santo Stefano Rotondo in Rome (gallery of photos of the church, including the mosaics in the chapel, photo of the apse mosaic)

12 – Saint Onophrius

Sant’Onofrio al Gianicolo in Rome (photo gallery)

16 June – Saints Quiricus and Julitta

The Shrine to Saints Quiricus and Julitta in the Chapel of Theodotus in the church of Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome (backgroundvideo introducing the churchvideo of the chapel, in Italian – extensive photo gallery, and another extensive photo gallery)

26 June – Saints John and Paul

The Church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo in Rome 

29 June – Saints Peter and Paul

San Pietro in Vaticano in Rome

30 June – Saint Paul

San Paolo fuori le mura in Rome


7 July – Saint Cyril and Methododius

The Chapel of Saints Cyril and Methodius in the lower church of San Clemente in Rome

10 July – Saints Rufina and Secunda

The Church of Sante Rufina and Secunda in Rome

17 July – Saint Alexius of Rome

Sant’Alessio all’Aventino in Rome and the Madonna di Sant’Alessio 


1 August – Saint Peter ad Vincula

The Church of San Pietro in Vincoli 

1 August – The Seven Maccabees

Fresco in Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome (descriptionphoto photo)

5 August – Saint Mary ad Nives

The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome (SmarthistoryColumbia University Art Atlas)

Founding of Santa Maria Maggiore by Masolino.

Founding of Santa Maria Maggiore by Matthias Grünewald (Web Gallery of Art)

6 August – Saint Sixtus II

Cappella Niccolina, Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican painted by Fra Angelico (see also)

10 August – Saint Laurence

San Lorenzo fuori le mura in Rome 

San Lorenzo in Lucina 

San Lorenzo in Damaso 

Cappella Niccolina, Palazzi Pontifici, Vatican (see also and also)

11 August – Saint Susanna

The church of Santa Susanna in Rome 

14 August – Saint Eusebius of Rome

Sant’Eusebio all’Esquilino in RomeGlory of Saint Eusebius, Preparatory Sketch, Slideshow

29 – The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

The Church of San Giovanni Decollato in Rome (and its painting of the Beheading)

29 – Saint Sabina

The Church of Santa Sabina in Rome

30 – Saints Felix and Adauctus

Shrine of Saints Felix ad Adauctus in the Catacomb of Commodilla


16 – Saint Cornelius

The Catacomb of Callixtus in RomeCrypt of Lucina (more and also, both from a website dedicated to the name Cornelius), on the frescoes and the fresco of Saints Cornelius and Cyprian 

27 – Saints Cosmas and Damian

The Church of Santi Cosma e Damiano in Romeapse mosaic 


5 – Saint Galla

The Church of Saint Galla Antiqua in Rome

14 – Saint Callixtus I

Catacombe di San CallistoOfficial Website, Roma sotterranea: Or Some Account of the Roman Catacombs, Especially of the Cemetery of San Callisto, The Catacombs of Saint Callistus: History and Description


9 – Dedication of the Basilica of Saint Savior

San Giovanni in Laterano in Rome

9 – Saint Theodore

San Teodoro in Rome

11 – Saint Martin I

Santa Maria Antiqua

13 – Saint Stanislaus Kostka

Chapel of Saint Stanislaus Kostka in Sant’Andrea in Quirinale

23 – Saint Clement

The Church of San Clemente in Rome

24 – Saint Chrysogonus

San Crisogono in Rome

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