Living Latin – Its Role in Catholic Education

History Studies in Education during the Age of the Renaissance by William Harrison Woodward (1924). Saint Ignatius’ Idea of a Jesuit University: A Study in the History of Catholic Education by George E. Ganss (1954). Twentieth-Century Pedagogy “Let’s Talk Some More about Latin – for Catholic High Schools – I,” by George E. Ganss inContinue reading “Living Latin – Its Role in Catholic Education”

Living Latin – Librivox

Latin Texts Read by bedwere Everything read by bedwere on Librivox Biblia Sacra juxta Vulgatam Clementinam (in progress) Confessionum De civitate Dei De Consolatione Philosophiae Regula Sancti Benedicti De Imitatione Christi Latin Text Read by Liber De magisterio sancti Francisci ad fratrem Leonem, quod in sola cruce est perfecta laetitia, Caput Septimum by Ugolino BrunforteContinue reading “Living Latin – Librivox”

Living Latin: Teaching Latin in Latin

Adding a conversational component, dialogues, listening exercises, and recitation are only the first steps to making a Latin class more living.  Eventually, the goal is to eliminate all use of English from the Latin classroom.  This will mean learning (1) how to introduce vocabulary without giving the English equivalent; (2) how to facilitate students learningContinue reading “Living Latin: Teaching Latin in Latin”

Living Latin: Background & Basics

The Nature and Importance of Latin, from a Traditional Catholic Perspective Why Latin Is the Right Language for Roman Catholic Worship  The Nature of Latin, within its Historical and Linguistic Contexts What is Latin? Latin language history & Latin language timeline, Latin literature What is Latin? CONTINUED: New Latin Vocabulary, Word Choice, Synonyms | LatinContinue reading “Living Latin: Background & Basics”

Living Latin: Recordings of Spoken Latin, Using Ecclesiastical Pronunciation

I would recommend sticking with Ecclesiastical Latin videos until one’s pronunciation is well established, whatever one’s age or level of Latin. Silus et Maria – YouTube The simplest videos I could find are produced by the GrecoLatinoVivo Youtube Channel from the Centro Nazionale di Studi Classici.  There are, as I write, twenty-two videos in theContinue reading “Living Latin: Recordings of Spoken Latin, Using Ecclesiastical Pronunciation”

Living Latin: Ecclesiastical Pronunciation

Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation – A Basic Guide This concise tutorial includes a useful/fun practice component (pronouncing English words with Latin pronunciation) that parents can watch and do with their children. ******* Luke Ranieri has a number of videos comparing Restored Classical and Ecclesiastical Pronunciations (the last in Latin).  They are especially useful for anyone whoContinue reading “Living Latin: Ecclesiastical Pronunciation”