1 January – The Circumcision

Nostra tulit Christi caro vulnera vulnere tristi
The Verdun Altar

On the late 12C Verdun Altar (see also) in the Abbey of Klosterneuburg, Christ’s circumcision is presented between that of Isaac and that of Samson.

Luke 2.21

Acta Sanctorum

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Medieval Music Database


ca. 1305 Fresco by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel

ca. 1463 Painting by Andrea Mantegna

ca. 1500 Painting by the workshop of Giovanni Bellini

ca. 1500 Seven Sorrows Polyptych by Albrecht Dürer 

1587 Painting by Tintoretto

Warburg Institute Iconographic Database

Guide to Christian Iconography

Iconography of Christian Art

Customs & Devotions

Feastday Cookbook

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