A Carolingian Pastoral Handbook for Monks, Einsiedeln MSS 281 & 199, page 10

Page 10

Sermon 60 of Caesarius of Arles / Sermon 256 of Pseudo-Augustine

Translation / Latin / Latin with French Translation

(1) tamen secundum evangelicam sen

nevertheless according to the Gospel sen-

(2) tentiam ex fructibus eorum cognusci / cognosce

tence by their fruits you will know

(3) tis eos Dum ea que supra scripta / quae

them. Then these things which are above written

(4) sunt implere penitus non vidimus / videmus

are to fill completely we do not see.

(5) Cum haec ita sint quis nos poterit

When these things thus may be who are able us

(6) prohibere ut eum credamus non be

to prohibit so that we believe him not well

(7) ne de hac luce migrare quem bona

from this light to migrate whom good

(8) opera cognuscimus non fecisse ., / cognoscimus

works we know not to have done.

(9) Ecce quid mihi de subitanea peniten / paeniten

Here is what to me concerning sudden peni-

(10) tia videatur caritati vestre ex / vestrae

tence is seen to your charity I have ex-

(11) posui ., Si quis est cui ex his que diximus / quae

posed. If he is one who is for whom concerning this things which we said

(12) aliqua dubitatio nascitur & obta / nascatur, opta

some extent doubt has grown and we

(13) mus & desideramus ut dari sibi a no

wish and desire that to be given to him by our

(14) bis rationem cum perfecta cari

reason with perfect char-

(15) tate requirat ., Nos tamen fra

ity he may request. We, nevertheless, brothers

(16) tres karissimi ea que sunt incerta / carissimi, quae

most dear, those things which are uncertain

(17) & dubia relinquentes tottis viribus / vel, totis

and doubtful leaving with all our force

(18) de illa penitentia que per omne / paenitentia, quae, omnem

concerning those penances which for all

(19) vita a bonis xpianis agitur per / vitam

life by good Christians are done for

(20) quam omnia & capitalia crimina

which all and capital crimes

(21) dampnantur & minora peccata / damnatur

may be damned and minor sins

(22) iugiter remittuntur atentius co / redimuntur, adtentius

continually remitted we attentively

(23) gitemus que si quamdiu vivimus / quae

think that if as long as we live

(24) cum bonis operibus agimus plena / plenam

with good works we act full

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