A Carolingian Pastoral Handbook for Monks, Einsiedeln MSS 281 & 199, page 7

Page 7

Sermon 60 of Caesarius of Arles / Sermon 256 of Pseudo-Augustine

Translation / Latin / Latin with French Translation

(1) corde & tottis viroeribus fructuosam / totis viribus

and heart and all his strength fruitful

(2) penitentiam agat et quicquid / paenitentiam

penance he makes et whatever

(3) [] male tulisse cognuscit ad integrum / se, cognoscit

sinfully to have committed he knows completely

(4) reddat Secundum illud propheti

returns according to the prophe-

(5) cum Rapina restituat & omnibus / rapinam

cy plunder he may restore and to all

(6) inimicis suis totto corde indulgeat / toto

his enemies with his whole heart he may forgive

(7) & de substantiam suam una porti / substantia, sua, unam

and from his wealth one por-

(8) one XPO & sibi cum filiis suis faciat / onem

tion to Christ and for himself with his sons may he make

(9) et in ipsa infirmitate sua quantu[m]

and in his infirmity, how much

(10) potest largas elimosinas erogare / elemosynas

he is able, to pay out alms

(11) precipiat Si haec fideliter humile / praecipiat, humili

he may anticipate if this faithfully with humility

(12) & contrito corde implere voluerit

and contrition in his heart to fulfill he will want

(13) & possimus & debem[us] credere quod / possumus

and we may be able and we ought to believe that

(14) ei d[omi]n[u]s omnia peccata dignetur de / dignetur peccata

to him the Lord all sins he may deign to

(15) mittere secundum illut propheti / illud

forgive according to that prophe-

(16) cum Peccator inquacumque die

cy. “The sinner in however many days

(17) conversus fuerit omnes iniquitatis / iniquitates

converted will be, all sins

(18) eius oblivioni tradentur Et illud in

of his into oblivion will be handed over.” (cf. Ez. 18.22) And this: “In

(19) quacumque die conversus ingemue

however many days converted you will cry

(20) ris salvus eris ., Tertius modus peni / paeni

with anguish, saved you will be.” (cf. Is. 30.15) The third way of pen-

(21) tentiae aliquibus esse videtur si ali

ance for others is seen to be if some-

(22) quis semper male vivens in exitu vi

one always sinfully lives, at the end of life

(23) vitae se reservit ad penitentiam & / reservet, paenitentiam

keeps himself to penance and

(24) ea spe pecc& ut pe[] ipsa subitanea / per ipsam subitaneam

in this hope he might sin so that through this sudden

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