A Carolingian Pastoral Handbook for Monks, Einsiedeln MSS 281 & 199, page 6

Page 6

Sermon 60 of Caesarius of Arles/Sermon 256 of Pseudo-Augustine

Translation / Latin / Latin with French Translation

(1) Qui haec fideliter implere voluerit &i

He who these things faithfully wants to fulfill even

(2) am si penitentiam non accipiat / paenitentiam

if penance he may not receive

(3) quia semper illam fructuose

since always this productively

(4) & fideliter egit bene hinc exit / exiet

and faithfully he has done, well will he exit this world.

(5) Et si eo tempore quo moriturus est

And if in this time he is to die

(6) eam accipiat & partem sibi & / acceperit

he may receive it and the part for himself and

(7) XPO de substantia [] cum filiis suis fece / ad substantiam suam

for Christ from his substance with his children he

(8) rit non solum eum veniam peccato

will do not only pardon for sin

(9) rum credim[us] obtinere sed &iam p[rae]

we believe him to obtain but also even eternal

(10) mia eterna percipere ., Secun / aeterna

reward to gain. The sec-

(11) dus modus e[st] supra dicte paeniten / dictae

ond way is above said peniten-

(12) tiae ut &iamsi aliquis quamdiu vi

ces that even if someone however long lived

(13) xerit non solum parva sed forte

not only small but strongly

(14) etiam capitalia peccata commi

even capital sins commit-

(15) tat et tamen mala ipsa ignoran / committat

ted and nevertheless these evil things being

(16) ter quam spe penitentiae / paenitentiae

ignorant of rather than in the hope of penance

(17) nec ideo animam suam ad peccata

not for that reason his soul toward sin

(18) relaxit ut ad illa[m] subitanea peni / relaxet, subitaneam

relaxed so that to this sudden pen-

(19) tentiam se reservit & in transitu / reservet

ance he kept himself and in going over

(20) suo cum grandi humilitate & cordis

with great humility and of heart

(21) contritione cum rugitu vel gemitu

great contrition with roaring or groaning

(22) ipsam penitentiam petat et hoc

this penance he may seek and this

(23) definitissime in corde suo deliberit ut / deliberet

most definitely in his heart he may free so that

(24) si evaserit quamdiu vivet totto / vixerit, toto

if he will evade for as long as he may live all

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