A Carolingian Pastoral Handbook for Monks, Einsiedeln MSS 281 & 199, page 3

Regula Benedicti, chapter 4.56-73

Page 3

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English Translation (with sources)

(1) Lectione sa[n]c[tas] libenter audire ., Orati / Lectiones

To readings sacred willingly to listen. To pray-

(2) oni frequenter incumbere ., Mala

ers frequently to apply oneself. One’s past

(3) sua preterita cum lacrimis vel gemi / praeterita

evils with tears and groans

(4) tu cottidie in orationem d[e]o / cotidie

daily in prayer to God

(5) confiteri ., De ipsis malis de citero em[en] / cetero

to confess. His own evils remaining to

(6) dare ., Desidaria carnis non efficere

amend ., Desires of the flesh not to fulfill,

(7) voluntatem propriam odire ., Precep /Praecep

one;s own will to hate. The teach-

(8) tis abbatis inomnibus oboedire &ia[m]

ings of the abbot in all things to obey even

(9) si ipse aliter quod absit agat me

if he himself otherwise, what is missing, acts, re-

(10) mores illut dominicu[m] preceptu[m] ., Qot / illud, praeceptum, Quae

remember that precept of the Lord. What

(11) dicunt facite quae au[tem] faciunt facire / facere

they say, do, and what they do, do

(12) nolite ., Non velle dici s[an]c[tu]m antequa[m]

not do. Not to want to be said to be holy before

(13) sit ., sed prius e[ss]e quod verius dicatur

one may be. But before to be what is more true called.

(14) Precepta d[e]i factis cottidie adim / Praecepta, cotidie

Precepts of God being done daily to

(15) plere ., Caritatem amare null[um]

fulfill. To love charity, nothing

(16) odire ., Zelu[m] & invidia non habere / & invidia

to hate. Jealousy and envy not to have

(17) contentione[m] non amare ., Elatio

strife not to love. Extol-

(18) nem fugire ., Et seniores venerare / fugere

ling to flee. And the older to honor

(19) iuniores diligire . in xpi amore pro / diligere

the younger to love. In Christ with love for

(20) inimicis orare ., cum discordan

enemies to pray. With adver-

(21) tibus ante solis occasum in pace / te

saries before the setting of the sun to peace

(22) redire . et de d[e]i misericordia num

to return. And of the mercy of God ne-

(23) quam disperare ., / desparare

ver to despair.

(24) Ecce haec sunt instrumenta artis

These are the instruments of the art

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