A Carolingian Pastoral Handbook for Monks, Einsiedeln MSS 281 & 199, page 2

Regula Benedicti, chapter 4.28-55

Page 2

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English Translation (with sources)

(1) veritatem ex corde et ore proferre .,

the truth with heart and mouth to offer.

(2) Malum pro molu[m] non reddere ., Iniura[m] non / malo, iurias

Evil for evil not to return. No injury

(3) facire sed facta pacienter suferre ., Ini / facere, [et], factas, patienter

to do but being done to patiently to endure. En

(4) micus diligere . maledicentes se non re / Inimicos

emy to love. Those cursing us not in return

(5) maledicere sed magis benedicere ., Per

to curse, but rather to bless. Per

(6) secutionem pro iustitia[m] sustinere . non / iustitia [Non esse superbum, non vinolentum]

secution for justice to bear. not

(7) esse multum edacem non somnolentu[m] / somnulentum

to be gluttonous nor sleepy

(8) non pigrum ., non murmoriosum ., non de

nor lazy. nor murmuring. nor de

(9) tractorem ., spem suam in d[omin]o commit

tracting. one’s hope in God to co

(10) tere ., bonu[m] aliquid inse cum viderist d[omin]o / in se, viderit

mit. some good in oneself when one may see to God

(11) applicit non sibi ., Malum vero sem[per] a se / applicet

should attribute, not to oneself. Evil truly always by himself

(12) factum sciat & sibi reputet ., Die[m] iudi

may know and attribute to himself. The day of judg-

(13) cii timere gehenna[m] expaviscere ., Vita / expavescere, Vitam

ment to fear, Gehenna to feel fright from. Life

(14) eterna omni concupiscentia spiritale / aeternam, spiritali

eternal with all spiritual desire

(15) desiderare ., Mortem cotidie ante

to desire. Death daily before

(16) oculus suspectam habere ., actus vite / oculos, vitae

the eyes watched to have. The actions of one’s life

(17) suae omni hora custodire in omni loco d[eu]m

at all hours to have watch over, in all places God

(18) se respicere pro certo sciat ., Cogita / scire

seeing us may he know for certain. Thoughts

(19) tiones malas cordi suo advenientes mox

evil coming in his heart immediately

(20) ad XPM allidat & seniori spiritali pate / allidere

against Christ to dash and to the spiritual father re-

(21) facire ., Os suum a malo vel pravo eloquio / facere

veal. One’s mouth from evil or perverse speech

(22) custodire ., Multum loqui non amare ver

to guard. Much speaking not to love with

(23) ba vana . aut risui apta non loqui ., Ri

vain words, nor inclined to laughter to speak. Laugh-

(24) sum multum aut excussum non amare

ter much or excessive not to love.

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