A Carolingian Pastoral Handbook for Monks, Einsiedeln MSS 281 & 199, page 1

Regula Benedicti, chapter 4.1-27

Page 1

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(3) In primis d[omi]n[u]m d[eu]m diligere ex totto / toto

In the first place to love the Lord God with the whole

(4) corde & ex totta anima totta / tota, tota

heart, and the whole soul, the whole

(5) virtute deinde proximu[m] tamqua[m]

strength. Then, neighbor as

(6) se ipsum deinde non occidere

one’s self. Then, not to kill.

(7) non adulterare non facire furtum / facere

Not to commit adultery. Not to steal.

(8) non concupiscere non falsu[m] testimo

Not to covet. No false wit-

(9) niu[m] dicere honorare om[nes] homines &

ness to bear. To honor all men and

(10) quod sibi quis fieri non vult alio ne fa

what one to himself would not want done, not to another to

(11) ciat abnegare semetipsum sibi ut

do. To deny one’s self in order to

(12) sequatur XPM ., Corpus castigare

to follow Christ. To chastise the body.

(13) dilicias non amplecti ieiunium ama / delicias

Not to be surrounded with pleasures. Fasting to lo

(14) re pauperes recreare nudum vesti

ve. The poor to relieve. The naked to

(15) re infirmum visitare mortuum

clothe. The sick to visit. The dead

(16) sepelire intribulationem subvenire / in tribulationem

to bury. In trouble to help.

(17) dolentem consolare seculi actibus se / consolari, saeculi

The sorrowing to console. From worldly ways one’s self

(18) facire alienum ., Nihil amore XRI pre / facere

To hold apart. Nothing to the love of Christ to pre-

(19) ponere ., Iram non perficere iracundie / iracundiae

fer. To anger not to give way. For revenge

(20) tempus non reservare ., Dolum in cor

a time not to keep. Deceit in the he

(21) de non tenire pacem falsam non da

art not to hold. A false peace not to gi

(22) re ., Caritatem non derelinquere

ve. Charity not to forsake.

(23) Non iurare ne forte periuris / periuret

Not to swear, lest one swear falsely.

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