Living Latin: Background & Basics

The Nature and Importance of Latin, from a Traditional Catholic Perspective

Why Latin Is the Right Language for Roman Catholic Worship 

The Nature of Latin, within its Historical and Linguistic Contexts

What is Latin? Latin language history & Latin language timeline, Latin literature

What is Latin? CONTINUED: New Latin Vocabulary, Word Choice, Synonyms | Latin Language | Neo Latin

The Purpose of Latin

Papal Teachings on Latin 

Latin under Attack outside of the Church

How to Be a Good Classicist Under a Bad Emperor (2016)

The Sportula: A Statement on the Paideia Institute (2019)

Suicide Of The Humanities (2021) 

Princeton Dumbs Down Classics (2021)

The Problem With Dropping Standards in the Name of Racial Equity (2021)

Why Living Latin

The admission of Cambridge classicist, Mary Beard, that she cannot simply sight read a classical Latin text, and two responses, both of which propose Living Latin as the solution to her problem.

What does the Latin actually say? – TLS (if the Times Literary Supplement permits you to see the whole article, please print or copy it and send it to me!)

The bLogicarian: Latin as She is Spoke: How Classicists Tricked Themselves, and the Real Issue with Mary Beard’s Latin 

Learning Latin the Medieval Way ~ The Imaginative Conservative 

“Why Speak Latin” by Nancy Llewellyn

Some background on the recent history of Living Latin

Radio Show Featuring Father Reginald Foster from Vatican Radio

Archive of The Latin Lover with Fr. Reginald Foster 

A Collection of Videos of Father Reginal Foster (scroll down)

News links – Reginald Foster – articles, videos, publications, reviews 

Veterum Sapientia Institute

The Paideia Institute

“Latin Alive!” with Daniel Gallagher

Familia Sancti Hieronymi 

EWTN Live 2-29-12 – Jan Halisky – Family of St. Jerome – A Latin Society

First Steps

How to Teach Latin in a Living Way at the Elementary Level

University of Dallas Program K-5 Latin Curriculum (Charlotte Mason & Living)

On Copywork & Learning Paradigms

Latin by the Ranieri-Dowling Method | Latin Grammar, Latin Cases, Latin Declension Chart

On Reading and Rereading

How to use Extensive Reading & Audiobooks to become fluent | 7-Step Ranieri Re-Reading Technique

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