Living Latin: Ecclesiastical Pronunciation

Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation – A Basic Guide

This concise tutorial includes a useful/fun practice component (pronouncing English words with Latin pronunciation) that parents can watch and do with their children.


Luke Ranieri has a number of videos comparing Restored Classical and Ecclesiastical Pronunciations (the last in Latin).  They are especially useful for anyone who has previously learned Restored Classical Latin pronunciation and for more advanced students who might be interested. 

Ecclesiastical Latin vs Classical Pronunciation History | Latin: The Immortal Language

How should we pronounce Latin? Ecclesiastical or Classical?

In Defense of the Ecclesiastical Pronunciation of Latin | Ecclesiastical vs Classical Pronunciation

Dē rēctā Ecclēsiasticā prōnūntiātiōne – Correct Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation

Luke Ranieri has also created this video on how to accent any Latin word.  It too is very useful.

Penultimate Stress Rule: How to accent any Latin word CORRECTLY

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