Picture Study & Liturgical Living Synchronization – May

In progress

1 May – Saint Philip

17C Martyrdom of Saint Philip by Ribera

Stories of the Saints Third Series by Mary Seymour.

1 May – Saint Sigismund

15C Saint Sigismund travelling to Agauno

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

2 May – Saint Wiborada

Light from the Lowly volume II by Francis Butina.

St. Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, Cod. Sang. 602, s. 276-377 (list of scenes illustrated)

4 May – Saint Florian

Panels painted by Northern Renaissance artist Albrecht Altdorfer from the life of Saint Florian, from one or two altarpieces – in the Uffizi: The Departure of Saint Florian & The Martyrdom of Saint Florian; in Nuremburg, Germany, in the Germanisches Nationalmuseum: The Presentation of Saint Florian, The Capture of Saint Florian, and The Finding of the Body of Saint Florian; in the National Gallery of Prague: The Martyrdom of Saint Florian.

Passion of Saint Florian & A Second Passion of Saint Florian

6 May – San Giovanni a Porta Latina

Roman Churches:

The Church of San Giovanni a Porta Latina in Rome (photo gallery) & The Chapel of San Giovanni in Oleo in Rome

Martyrs and Saints of the First Twelve Centuries: Studies from the Lives of the Black Letter Saints of the English Calendar by Elizabeth Rundle Charles.

7 May – Saint Stanislaus of Szczepanów

Triptych of Saint Stanislaus

Our Birthday Bouquet Culled from the Shrines of the Saints and the Gardens of the Poets by Eleanor C. Donnelly.

12 May – Saints Nereus and Achilleus

The church of Santi Nereo e Achilleo in Rome

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

13 May – Santa Maria ad Martyres

Santa Maria ad Martyres in Rome

Life of Pope Boniface (year 609)

16 May – Saint Brendan

20C Voyage of Saint Brandan

Book of Saints and Heroes by Mrs. Lang.

19 May – Saint Pudentiana

The church of Santa Pudenziana in Rome, 11C Fresco of Saint Pudentiana

19 May – Saint Dunstan

Saint Dunstan’s Self-PortraitAbout; Inscription: Pictura et scriptura hujus pagine subtus visa est de propria manu sancti Dunstani; in Saint Dunstan’s Class Book; about

Stories of the Saints for Children Second Series by Mary Seymour.

20 May – Saint Bernardino of Siena

Oratory of Saint Bernardino in Siena

Oratory of San Bernardino in Perugia

15C Portrait by Jacopo Bellini

15C Fresco

15C Donna Perna Being Cured on Approaching St Bernardino’s Body

15C St Bernardino Preaching in the Campo

15C Manuscript Portrait

15C Painted Portrait

15C Saint Bernardino of Siena Preaching

15C Saint Bernardino of Siena Rejects the Episcopal Dignity of Siena, Ferrara and Urbino

15C St Bernardino Preaching

15C MS Saint Bernardino of Siena Rescuing Boys from a River

16C Portrait by Quentin Matsys

17C Portrait by El Greco

Stories of the Saints Fifth Series by Mary Seymour.

21 May – Saint Constantine

Santi Quattro Coronati in Rome – informationphotos, scroll down past photographs from San Clemente to see the photographs from the chapel of Saint Sylvester – video

Frescoes in the Bardi di Vernio Chapel, Santa Croce, Florence

Storie della Vera Croce in San Francesco in Arezzo

Sala di Constantino in the Vatican

Galleria Franchetti, Ca’ d’Oro, Venice – Finding of the True Cross, Trial of the True Cross, Vision of Constantine, Victory of Constantine

The Vision of Constantine by Bernini

True Historical Stories for Catholic Children

22 May – Saint Humility of Faenza

The Beata Umilta Altarpiece by Pietro Lorenzetti

Life of Blessed Humility written by a contemporary

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