9 April – Saint Mary Cleophas

Modern Hagiography

Roman Martyrology

Sanctorale Catholicum

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

Biblical Texts

John 19.25

Matthew 27.56

Mark 15.40

Ancient and Medieval Hagiography

BHL, Supplement

Identity according to Saint Hegesippus

Art & Architecture

9C Lindau Gospel Covers

About Holy Kinship

15C Saint Anne and Her Daughters in the Book of Hours of Étienne Chevalier

15C Holy Kinship

15C Holy Kinship

16C Triptych with the Holy Kinship

16C Holy Kinship

16C Holy Kinship

16C Triptych with Family of Saint Anne

15C Mourning over the Dead Christ

15C Holy Women at the Tomb

Warburg Institute Iconographic Database (also Holy Kindred, Holy Women at the Tomb)

The Saints in Art by Joseph Maria von Radowitz.

Emblems of Saints by Which They Are Distinguished in Works of Art by F. C. Husenbeth.

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