Picture Study & Liturgical Living Synchronization – April

In progress

1 April – Saint Hugh of Grenoble

Saint Hugh in the Refectory by Zurbaran

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

2 April – Saint Francis of Paola

The Vision of Saint Francis de Paola by Murillo.

18C Saint Francis of Paola in Ecstasy

18C Miracle of Saint Francis of Paola (see also)

Memorials of the Blessed: A Series of Short Lives of the Saints by Charles B. Fairbanks.

5 April – Saint Vincent Ferrer

Predella of the Polyptych of Saint Vincent Ferrer by Giovanni Bellini

Griffoni Polyptych by Francesco del Cossa

15C Saint Vincent Preaching before a Pope

The Fairest Flower of Paradise: Considerations on the Litany of the Blessed Virgin, Enriched with Examples Drawn from the Lives of the Saints by Alexis Lepicier.

11 April – Saint Leo the Great

Raphael’s painting of The Meeting between Pope Leo the Great and Attila the Hun in the Stanza di Heliodoro in the Vatican (see also and historical accounts of the meeting)

True Historical Stories for Catholic Children by Josephine Portuondo.

13 April – Saint Hermengild

17C Triumph of Saint Hermengild

The Liturgical Year by Dom Guéranger.

14 April – Saints Tibertius, Valerian, and Maximus

The Liturgical Year by Dom Guéranger.

The Martyrs Cecilia, Valerian and Tiburtius by Orazio Gentileschi

23 April – Saint George

Saint George Slaying the Dragon by Carlo Crivelli.

Saint George Slaying the Dragon by Luca Signorelli.

Saint George Slaying the Dragon by Paolo Uccello.

Saint George Slaying the Dragon by Tintoretto.

Stories of the Saints for Children Second Series by Mary Seymour. 

29 April – Saint Peter of Verona

Giovanni Bellini, Death of Saint Peter Martyr

Stories of the Saints Fifth Series by Mary Seymour.

30 April – Saint Catherine of Siena

Disputation of Saint Catherine in the Palazzi Pontifici in the Vatican

Piccolimini Library in the Duomo of SienaCanonization of Saint Catherine

Maidens of Hallowed Names by Charles Piccirillo.

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