28 February – Saints Romanus and Lupicinus

Modern Hagiography

Roman Martyrology – Saint Romanus & Saint Lupicinus

Sanctorale Catholicum – Saint Romanus & Saint Lupicinus

Lives of the Saints by Alban Butler.

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

Character Calendar

Pictorial Lives of the Saints 

Stories of the Saints for Children Second Series by Mary Seymour.

Short Instructive Sketches from the Lives of the Saints

Medieval Hagiography


The lives of Saints Romanus and Lupicinus are available in a newer translation not in the public domain.

Art & Architecture

Monastery of Romainmôtier in Switzerland.

Medieval Religion Listserv – 2016 Dillon.

Lives and Legends of the Great Hermits and Fathers of the Church, with Other Contemporary Saints by Mrs. Arthur Bell.

The Saints in Art by Joseph Maria von Radowitz.

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