Picture Study & Liturgical Living Synchronization – March

In progress

3 March – Saint Cunegunde

Basel Antependium

The tomb of Saint Cunegunde and her husband, Emperor Henry II by Tilman Riemenschneider (information)

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

7 March – Saint Thomas Aquinas

Triumph of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Spanish Chapel, Santa Maria Novella in Florence

Lives of the Saints for Children by Theodor Berthold. 

Little Lives of the Great Saints by John O’Kane Murray. 

Stories of the Saints Fifth Series by Mary Seymour.

12 March – Saint Gregory the Great

The Ecstasy of Saint Gregory the Great by Rubens.

True Historical Stories for Catholic Children by Josephine Portuondo.

20 March – Saint Photina

14C Painting by Duccio

Jerusalem Triptych

John 4

21 March – Saint Benedict

15C Saint Benedict in Ecstasy by Fra Angelico

Stories of the Saints for Children [First Series] by Mary Seymour.

25 – The Annunciation

Simone Martini (but missing its flanking panels, in full here)

Robert Campin

Leonardo da Vinci

Sandro Botticelli

Luke 1

30 – Saint John Climacus

An incredible 12C icon of the ladder from the Monastery of Saint Catherine on the Sinai Peninsula

Memorials of the Blessed: A Series of Short Lives of the Saints by Charles B. Fairbanks.

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