5 January – Saint Telesphorus

Modern Hagiography

The Liturgical Year by Dom Guéranger.

Roman Martyrology

Sanctorale Catholicum

Lives of the Saints by Alban Butler.

Lives of the Saints by Sabine Baring-Gould.

The lives of saints, with other feasts of the year, according to the Roman calendar by Peter Ribadeneira.

Medieval Hagiography


Acta Sanctorum

Eusebius’s Ecclesiastical History, Book IV.5, Book IV.10.

Liber pontificalis

Writings by Pope Telephorus

Docuemnta Catholic Omnia

Art & Architecture

Medieval Religion Listserv – 2016 Dillon.

Post-Biblical Saints Art Index

The Saints in Art by Joseph Maria von Radowitz.

Emblems of Saints by Which They Are Distinguished in Works of Art by F. C. Husenbeth.

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