Le tour de la France par deux enfants, chs. XII to XXVIII – Lorraine, part II

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Pynchon’s Map of Lorraine

Chapters XII to XVI – Having made their way across the Vosges Mountains, their first stop is a dairy farm outside of the town of Celles-sur-Plaine in the département of the Vosges, still in the province of Lorraine. They stay at a dairy farm.

Video: L’Europe s’engage en France: L’Européen d’à côté : Modernisation d’une exploitation familiale en Lorraine.

Chapters XVII to XXI – The boys make their way to Épinal, also in the département of the Vosges, in the province of Lorraine. Several chapters are devoted to their settling into life in the town.

Video: Épinal – Vosges – Les 100 lieux qu’il faut voir – Documentaire from Le Pays préféré des Français.

Chapter XXII – André recounts his visit to a paper making factory.

Chapter XXIII– Introduction to Louis Robert, inventor of a paper manufacturing machine.

Chapter XXIV – The boys attend the Fair of Épinal. The boys talk about the crystal from Baccarat, in the département of Meurthe, still in the province of Lorraine. They also discuss printing in Épinal.

Videos: Baccarat, la haute couture du cristal from France 24; Le musée de l’image d’Épinal, une mémoire illustrée; L’image d’Épinal, un savoir-faire gravé dans la roche; À Épinal, l’image demeure l’histoire d’un passionné.

Chapter XXV – The boys now learn about women’s crafts – the embroidery and artificial flowers of Nancy (also in Meurthe).

Chapter XXVI – The younger brother, Julien, learns about Claude Lorraine.

Chapter XXVII – And then he learns about Jeanne d’Arc (look for her entry here from 20 May 2022, when it appears; learn about her birthplace of Domrémy-la-Pucelle in this video, SUIVEZ LE GUIDE : Domrémy-la-Pucelle se souvient de Jeanne d’Arc, from Midi en France).

Chapter XXVIII – And the boys stay in Épinal comes to an end.

Videos: Lorraine, région de cœur and Lorraine, du grand spectacle, both from Echappées belles.

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