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Ranz des Vaches

Read in French of the “Origine du Ranz des Vaches.” Read the song in full, in Patois and French, and listen to it here.

Morat (Murten)

The Battle of Murten by Veit Weber (d. 1483)

Veit Weber was assumed as a pseudonym for an 18th to 19th-century author, Leonhard Wächter, but he borrowed it from an 15th-century soldier-poet of the Burgundian War. The Battle of Murten de facto ended the Burgundian War and the defeat of Charles the Bold’s ambitions. “The Battle of Murten” is the final of his five battle poems on the War. Here it is in its original German from the collection of German songs, Des Knaben Wunderhorn, there from the Beschreibung der Burgundischen Kriege of Diebold Schilling. A 19th-century panorama depicts the Battle. (Here find an alternate printing of the poem with an introduction).

Morat by Lord Byron (1788–1824)

Learn more about the town of Morat (also here, both in French).


Passe-moi les jumelles’s Video – La tour de la Molière – La Suisse mysterieuse

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