25 December – Samuel de Champlain

True Historical Stories for Catholic Children by Josephine Portuondo. Names That Live in Catholic Hearts by Anna T. Sadlier. French BD Dead Reckoning – Champlain in America (in French, may be complete) Writings of Samuel de Champlain Voyages of Samuel de Champlain, 1604-1618 The Voyages and Explorations of Samuel de Champlain Voyages of Samuel deContinue reading “25 December – Samuel de Champlain”

9 December – Saint Peter Fourier

Modern Hagiography Roman Martyrology Lives of the Saints by Francis Weninger. La vie des saints Miniature Lives Of The Saints For Every Day In The Year by Henry Sebastian Bowden. Writings by Saint Peter Fourier Longer excerpts from his letters Art & Architecture Vatican Founder Statue Warburg Institute Iconographic Database  Devotions Prayer to Saint PeterContinue reading “9 December – Saint Peter Fourier”