Vintage Art History Books for Children

Riverside Art Series by Estelle May Hurll – Correggio, Michelangelo, Titian, Rembrandt,

Van Dyck, Murillo, Millet, Landseer.

Stories of Art and Artists by Clara Erskine Clement Waters (Ticknor, 1886).

How to Enjoy Pictures by M. S. Emery (Prang, 1902).

Stories of Great Artists by Olive Browne Horne & Katherine Lois Scobey (American Book Company, 1903).

How to Study Pictures by Charles H. Caffin (Century, 1903).

Boys Who Became Famous Men by Harriet Pearl Skinner (Little, Brown, 1905).

Stories of the Italian Artists from Vasari

Knights of Art: Stories of the Italian Painters by Amy Steedman (Jacobs, 1907).

Pictures That Every Child Should Know by Dolores Bacon (Doubleday, 1908).

Architecture Shown to the Children by Gladys Wynne (Jack, 1913).

Great Pictures and Their Stories: Interpreting Masterpieces to Children by Katherine Morris Lester (1930) – Book One, Book Two, Book Three, Book Four, Book Eight.

A Child’s History of Art by V. M. Hillyer (Spencer, 1933).

Story-Lives of Master Artists by Anna Curtis Chandler (Lippincott, 1953).


Petite histoire de l’art et des artistes : la peinture et les peintres by V. M. Hillyer (Nathan).

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