Resources for Study of the German Language


Deutsch für Ausländer (Comprehensible Input For German) | Beginning with audio recording

Deutsch Nach der Naturmethode (German by the Nature Method) | Chapter 1 with audio recording

Studien und Plaudereien First Series (A Natural Method for German) First 5 Pages of Chapter 1/12 with audio recording

Elementary German Series by Peter Hagboldt (a collection of five graded readers, can be used by absolute beginners).

Märchen und erzählungen Erster Teil and Märchen und erzählungen Zweiter Teil by Hélène Guerber (graded readers in Gothic font).

Easy Stories and Exercises in German, Easy German Stories or An Easy German Reader (all in Gothic font)

Preparatory Book of German Prose (Gothic font)

Newson’s First German Book (not Gothic font), Newsom’s German Reader (Gothic font)


My Very First Little German Book

German Poetry for Repetition (graded levels within, Gothic font, a different edition)

Easy German Poetry for Beginners (Gothic font)

Des Knaben Wunderhorn (see also the Appendix of Children’s Songs)

Listening Comprehension

The channel and website of Andrea Thionville are a good place to start for beginning German.

Felix und Franzi from the Goethe Institut forms part of their freely accessible online program.  

Piggeldy und Frederick is also just a small stretch for beginners.

And challenging for a beginning language learner, but also that which might be the most interest is the channel Annas und Pias Tiere.


Sing mit mir – Kinderlieder has a lot of videos of songs with lyrics subtitled.  


A German Science Reader

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