9 July – Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher

Saint Thomas More

Thomas More Studies

The Essential Works of Thomas More

Modern Hagiography

Sanctorale Catholicum

“Thomas More as Statesman: A Brief Sketch” 

Contemporary Hagiography

Erasmus’s Letter to Ulrich von Hutten 

Life of Thomas More by William Roper.

The Life and Death of Sir Thomas More, Knight by Nicholas Harpsfield.

The Life and Illustrious Martyrdom of Sir Thomas More by Thomas Stapleton.

Sir Thomas More, a play by various 16th-century playwrights

Documents about More from Thomas More Studies

Writings of Saint Thomas More

Teaching Editions, some with study guides

Works by Thomas More from Thomas More Studies (scroll down)

Other Teaching Materials from Thomas More Studies


Art & Architecture

Sir Thomas More by Hans Holbein.

Portraits of Sir Thomas More in the National Portrait Gallery

Thomas More in Art from Thomas More Studies

Post-Biblical Saints Art Index

Saint John Fisher

Writings of Saint John Fisher

English Works of John Fisher 

“A Collection of Papers Relating to Dr. John Fisher’s Life” 

Art & Architecture


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